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Competitive price 365$ per year

Livramed can be paid annually by credit card or cheque. These fees allow us to ensure the security, long-term development and technical support of the application. We know the reality of pharmacy owners. Our efficient internal processes keep our prices at a competitive rate of 1$ per day.

Created by pharmacists, for pharmacy teams

Livramed was created by two pharmacists with a shared purpose: simplify the lives of pharmacy staff and drivers.

Unlimited number of deliveries

Livramed is offered at a fixed annual price. No charges per delivery.

Paperless web-based solution

Livramed is the ideal solution to keep track of all your deliveries. Bring the delivery binder online! All the delivery information can be access by the drivers on their smartphone.

Save money

By offering a map-view of all delivery, the driver can optimize his route and therefore save time and fuel. Also, Livramed easily organizes deliveries in charts according to payment method. Follow your money more easily.

Data protection

Our team is committed to keep all your customer data confidential. Furthermore, since the application is managed by a team of pharmacists, their code of ethics protects you.

Manage senior residences

Ensure optimal management of clients delivered at a same location (e.g. nurse desk). Upon delivery, the nurse will have to certify their presence or absence.

Track your driver

When the driver is connected to, see his GPS position on a map

Delivery scheduling

By using the recurrence feature, you can efficiently manage your deliveries on a calendar. No longer forget any customers!

A powerful search engine

Get information quickly by searching in one place for the patient's name, the street, the day of delivery, etc. This feature can be used to group and/or optimize your deliveries.

Help your driver

Livramed allows your driver to have quick access to Google Maps, the client’s phone and tons of options. All with the simple movement of a finger.

Easy transition from your delivery software

For a faster and simpler transition, Livramed can import some client information from your current delivery software in just a few clicks.

Improve delivery routes, reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce unnecessary trips and time spent on the road. A small effort from your team will result in considerable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Your PTAs will be able to know at a glance the ideal time for delivery in an area.

Trusted by a large number of clients

Since its creation, a growing number of pharmacies trust Livramed. More than 300,000 deliveries per month are processed by the software. Our servers are powerful and scalable, you won't see a drop in performance even with thousands of new users.

Codeveloped with the ProPharma Group

With more than 1,000 satisfied customers, ProPharma Group has shown its expertise with multiple software products, which are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Quickly create your database

Import all your customers by providing the information on an Excel sheet. All this while ensuring geolocalization!

Powerful communication tool

Optimize the communication between the drivers and your team by centralizing all your delivery information.

SMS notifications

This optional service allows you to quickly and easily notify your drivers when there are new pickups or urgent deliveries. Please note that there is a 12-cent fee for each sent notification.

Save time

Make all delivery-related information accessible at each workstation. Your team efficiency will be maximized.

Total traceability

Livramed registers every action. Know at all times who created a delivery, who modified it and where the package is located.

Automated reports

With the daily financial report or the weekly recurring delivery chart, Livramed offers multiple reports to increase your pharmacy’s profitability

Highly secure servers

Security measures are in place to protect Livramed and our users from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction of the data stored. We conduct internal audits of data collection, storage and processing to prevent unauthorized access to our systems. Access to data is strictly limited to Livramed employees, contractors and agents who need to access the data in order to process it on our behalf. In addition, our entire database is backed up daily.

Low cellular data usage

The delivery tool is very fast and uses little cellular data. (Note: Using Google Maps for directions uses roughly 5 Megabytes Per Hour).

Customer map view

Geolocalize where your customers live; easily divide your delivery areas.

Canadian Servers

With Livramed, your data doesn't cross borders. The information stored is sensitive, consequently it would be imprudent to host it on a server outside the country.

Electronic signature

Get client signature for proof of delivery.

Driver to driver transfer

In one simple touch, the drivers connected to your pharmacy can transfer the workload between them.

Offline use

Works even in areas with poor or no mobile data connection. All the information will be recorded automatically once the network is available.

Access from anywhere

Livramed is compatible with every device. The only requirement is to have an internet connection.

Encrypted communication

HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is generally used for online financial transactions: e-commerce, online banking, online brokerage, etc. It is also used for consulting private data, such as e-mails, for example. When it comes to security, you deserve nothing less.

Capture photos

The driver can capture pictures within the webapp (e.g. new prescriptions or proof of delivery)

Dispatch deliveries

There are ways to control and limit what your drivers are able to see in their application.

Real-time notifications

When the driver picks up a package, an automatic email is sent to your customer to notify him/her. Also, inform your customer that the driver is on his way by pressing the 'En route' button.

Automatic route optimization

One touch of a button and Livramed optimizes your route automatically. The delivery order will change accordingly to reflect the best route. Guaranteed savings! Please note that charges apply to use this service.